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Happily Ever After

Walking along this desolate road gets me nowhere.
Incomplete thoughts make their way around my mind as if they’re a fucking hamster on its wheel.
I wonder if you’ll come up behind me; running, yelling at me that you’re sorry and that we’ll be together forever.
For a minute there, I think I see you but it’s just a figment of my imagination.
You were erased from my mind along time ago.
Every memory carved into my head was concreted over.
And so was my heart.
Maybe one of these days this fucking endless road will take me somewhere.
Is there such a place called “Happily Ever After”?
If so, please show me the way.
My feet are starting to hurt and my head is spinning around and around from thinking too much.
I need my rest…
…from you, from your memories, from life…
….from everything that ever had to do with you.
I need to get away from life.
Possibly this road I’m following will take me to the very end.
I’ll come to a dead end.
Nothing but deceased trees, wilted flowers and freshly dug graves will surround me.
I’m weary and this place is unknown.
Is this “the” end because I’m not too sure if I’m ready for it or not.
I want to fight this road a mile or two more but I can’t.
I’ve become too weak.
Just like you.
I thought you fucking loved me.
I thought I meant the world to you.
What happened?
What could I have possibly done to have you escape from my life?
I don’t understand.
I followed this road to show me.
But instead I don’t get anything.
I just decide that this is it.
Every last thought will be thought here.
Every last tear will fall here.
Every last piece of my heart will crack here.
I’ll bury myself in someone else’s grave.
They’ll keep me company.
Maybe our souls will chat a bit, get to know each other.
Possibly talk over coffee.
If that’s even possible.
Maybe there is such a place called “Happily Ever After”.
I do believe so because I buried myself in it.

Hi, I'm amber. I just joined and thought I'd post this up on here. It's not one of my best but it's something.
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